Prosecute Criminals

Prosecuting criminal cases is a core function of a district attorney’s office. DA’s investigate evidence, determine whether to prosecute, conduct trials and in certain circumstances, lead grand jury investigations. Their work solves murders, uncovers child abuse, reveals sexual predators, and exposes elder abuse and other crimes.

Protect and Support Victims

District Attorneys also work to protect and support victims of crime. Pennsylvania has a Crime Victims Bill of Rights, which spells out how a victim of crime should be treated in the criminal justice system. Throughout the process, district attorneys work to provide victims of crime with the respect and dignity they deserve and provide them with a voice in the system.

Promote Public Safety

A big part of the job today is to promote public safety and engage in outreach efforts to address the underlying causes of crime. DAs know their community’s challenges and are collaborators with residents, neighborhoods, businesses and community organizers to develop solutions to crime and public safety initiatives.